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IT Acquisition Center
RO 300637 Timisoara
Str. Cugir Nr. 18

Tel: +40 728 864 488
Fax: +40 256 292 644

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1. Integrated IT Systems: The ITAC help you define and implement IT systems management policies. Also, we can help you establish long-term strategies for IT systems development.

For each component of the general IT systems development strategy, during each project, our consultants will help you in:

  •  analyzing project opportunities and preparing some technical and financial feasibility studies
  •  establishing the company general IT architecture and policy in order to minimize post-implementation support and maintenance efforts.
  •  implementing the chosen technical solutions

IT Architecture | IT Solutions | Infrastructure management

2. Civil engineering projects management: in a rapidly growing market, IT Acquisition Center offers its clients specialized consultancy services for their projects.

Possessing the necessary expertise and using acknowledged methods and processes, but especially due to the objectivity of a consultancy firm which has not interests in promoting a certain product or company, IT Acquisition Center can provide technical and architectural supervision services, investment budget planning, site and project management, subcontractors management, contract negotiation and management.

Investment planning and budgeting | Project Management | Site Management

3. Management consultancy:IT Acquisition Center is always near its clients and helps them make the best decisions for optimizing their business.

The management services provided cover a wide domain and include:

  • Support for selecting and contracting products and services
  • Tender process management
  • Project Management
  • Sales strategies and models
  • Sales force management

Acquisition | Implementation | Project Management | Customer Relationship Management

4. Human Resources: identifying and attracting the most qualified employees, optimizing the match between the employee's profile and its position within the company, enhancing performance and motivating personnel through training programs are as many methods for enhancing company general performance and raising labor force stability and company attractiveness.

Understanding these important aspects related to personnel performance, IT Acquisition Center has prepared a series of consultancy services in the human resources field that cover both qualified personnel identification and selection and organizing some standard or personalized training programs.

Training | Recruiting services