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IT Acquisition Center
RO 300637 Timisoara
Str. Cugir Nr. 18

Tel: +40 728 864 488
Fax: +40 256 292 644

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IT Acquisitions consultancy

For the IT acquisiton projects, our firm charges a directly proportional rates with the value of the equipment you wish to purchase.

IT Maintenance

The projects for IT maintenance can be charged accroding to many criteria, respectively:/p>

  •  number of equipments within the company
  •  hourly rate for the provided services
  •  monthly rate fot the provided services

Infrastructure implementation and management

  Consultancy for infrastructure project is provided within the budget of the investor. The rate for such service is directly proportional to the investment value and complies with the following requirements:

  •   the ITAC team must observe the client's standards
  •   the international quality standard is prioritary
  •  the total investment cost shall not exceed the investor's budget.

Consultancy for human resources companies

IT Acquisition Center offers consultancy services for human resources companies for achieving maximum performance from the potential candidates from a technical point of view. Rates charged for this service are negotiable.