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IT Acquisition Center
RO 300637 Timisoara
Str. Cugir Nr. 18

Tel: +40 728 864 488
Fax: +40 256 292 644

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About us

IT Acquisition Center provides consultancy services for your business, regarding acquisition and IT&C projects implementation. Also we can offer support in project management, for the implementation of some IT systems and strategies, project management and human resources consultancy. The company's mission is to transform our clients' vision in results, through positive and measurable changes brought to the organization. Our goal: to become a brand in the consultancy industry in Romania and be the favourite partner of clients who desire ethics and professionalism, by concluding some durable partnerships, based on trust, for the valorification of business opportunities, raising efficiency and the company development level.

Who we are?

The ITAC company has established tight contacts with partners in Europe, Asia and the United States for providing services and products in the IT domain on the Romanian market.
The domains we work in are:

- IT consultancy
- databases design and development
- software applications design and development
- websites development services
- specialized consultancy for human resources companies
- training courses for personnel

How does ITAC work?

CThe ITAC consultants help you define your needs and implement the IT systems management policy. Also, we can help you define long-term strategies for IT systems development by analyzing the company development opportunities. For each part of the general strategy for IT systems development, during each project, the consultants of the IT Systems and Strategies Department shall help you in:

  • analyzing individual project opportunities
  • establishing the architecture of each IT system
  • implementing the technical solutions

Why should I choose ITAC

We acknowledge that there are many IT services providers, but we also know that the most important aspect in a relationship are the people; they make the difference. When all the technical criteria are complied with, we know that people wish to work with people they like, people they respect.
The values that inspire us and that we wish to implement are:

Ethics - we know that integrity is one of the reasons for which our clients trust us, therefore we respect the standards of the consultant profession.

Standards -  the standards enhance value and they represent the guarantee of quality, both from the point of view of quality in itself an that of the market competitiveness.

Flexibility - the desire to find solutions for the client's needs helps us go further and find inovative solutions for our projects.

Perseverance- the guarantee for the quality of the solutions we recommend springs from the well-done job and from the permanent preocupation for discovering the best solution for out clients.